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Sanjary Marine is one of the leading supplier & exporter of reusable/used/second hand ship machinery & spares, The company was established in year 1998 with the vision to provide cost effective solution to the global ship machinery, ship spares market. We are based near Alang which is  the largest ship betaking yard of Asia.

We deal in marine machinery like Main Engine, Main Engine Spares, Aux. Engine & Spares, Turbo Chargers, Compressors & Purifiers, Governors, Hydraulic Motors, Governors and other marine equipments.

We procure the marine equipments/engines & spares from the Alang ship breaking yard in bulk quantity and store the same in our Workshop, where we carried out quality check of the equipments/spares and do reconditioning and various required services to make the equipments/spares reusable. Our workshop is equipped with modern technology machinery/equipments.

Our valued customers are from various countries like USA, UK, Canada, Europe, France, Italy, Middle East etc. through out the world.

Main/Aux. Engine & Spares    Turbo Chargers    Oil Purifiers    Hydraulic Motors

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